There are multiple innovative options to choose from for installing False POP ceilings, like a mixture of shapes and lights. If you plan on adjoining the living room with the dining room, you can opt for aesthetic lights for better lighting.

You can opt for energy-efficient LED lights matching the ceiling based concept. LED lights work best with the POP ceilings.

You can also install grand chandeliers or hanging lamps; it would make it look elegant and thoughtful. It is advised to select cove or flush mount lighting based on the False POP design.

You can go for other bright light colours other than the white colour to make it look bigger and spacious.

Beige and yellow are other favourable colours for the royal look. Add a wooden, rustic or metallic finish to give the ceiling a modern look.
There are various shapes you can choose for your ceiling. It is advised to be innovative—no need to stay with just the rectangular or square shape of the POP ceiling.

Feel free to install asymmetrical designs, also curves, ovals, circles, giving it a different modern vibe. You can select ceilings in contrast.

Different types of False POP ceilings for your living room

You can choose the type of POP ceiling you want based on your budget. You want a warm ceiling, the POP ceiling with LED will work for you. A false ceiling will also work as insulation. If your budget is modest, you can go for a simple and elegant POP ceiling.

If you wish to hide electrical cables and wires, a suspended ceiling will be perfect.

One of the best features of Plaster of Paris is that it is not limited to a number of sizes and shapes. After the first installation process, it is easy to design and redecorate or modify the installed design.

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